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Quibbler Specials

The Potter Connection
By Erika

Well, this is it. July 2007.

You know, for about six years, now, I've been waiting for this month. That was six years ago. When I first picked up the first HP book recommended to me, and read it, and loved it. And couldn't wait to read more.

I first heard of Harry Potter when my mom bought me Goblet of Fire for Christmas in 2000. It looked like a neat book series, and I couldn't wait to read it. I didn't actually get around to it, though, until about a year later, when I took a break from studying for law school finals.

Thankfully, those finals ended before Christmas, so I had the whole of the Christmas break for reading books 2-4, and I needed it! I was so hooked on the story! The writing was funny, the tales were reminiscent of childhood and yet exciting at the same time, and the characters were fascinating. I especially identified with Hermione, and Harry himself.

It's funny how certain things take a weird priority at times. I remember thinking, perhaps after reading one of the books again, how I hoped I'd be healthy and happy enough to see the ending of the saga. How strange is that? To pray that you could live to see the end of a book series. Of course, it's just a story, so in the grand scheme of things it's not that important. But in your little heart of hearts, in the times when you've got Harry on the brain, you just sort of hope, that alongside all those other, more pressing problems to deal with, you get the chance to share in something that's a little selfish.

But then, perhaps that describes why this book series has become so big. We identified with the characters, we grew to love them and feel close to them, so much so that we wished and hoped we'd all be able to share this day together. Some of us have not been lucky enough to, such as our Quibbler inspiration Mattie Stepanek, who tragically passed away right after Prisoner of Azkaban was released. We remember people like Mattie, who made a difference, and will enjoy the book series for them, though they can't be here to share it with us.

And so, from the date of the column, we have 21 days to go. Until the end. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm a bit wigged out from how excited I am, and yet I don't really want those 21 days to tick down, because it means I will finally get my answers. I want them very badly—I've been waiting six years for them—and yet I don't want them, because it means the wait is over.

For many things.

This will be the last official "Potter Connection" column, as TQ flips to quarterly magazines which will primarily be updating movie information. I'm sure we'll all be back to share our opinions, but like the HP series itself, times are changing, ending, and moving on. It's been a great ride, though, and I'm glad I've been able to share it with fans who love this story, series and characters as much as I do.

Thanks for our Quibblery time together!
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