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The World According to Harry
10 Things You Learned from Harry Potter

By Erika

As with all great book series that make a mark, Harry Potter has taught us a number of things. Here are ten we here at TQ believe Harry has taught us:

1.) You are greater than you think: From the beginning of Philosopher's Stone, Harry himself taught us this. Though he was slight, small, had to wear glasses and had funny hair--Harry was a hero of immeasurable proportion. He would never have imagined he was the world's most famous wizard when his cousin was beating up on him. And yet, despite being an unlikely hero, he was one of the greatest of his time, and rose to become the savior of the wizarding world.

2.) Sometimes a little danger is necessary: Probably best learned from Hagrid, who always seemed to keep the most unusual pets. Though Harry and his friends often got put in danger, those lessons were ones they learned from. So though Aragog might have tried to eat them, Fluffy tried to scare them, Norbert burned them and Buckbeak could have gotten them in major trouble, they fought through the risks--and earned a few friends, and gained a little courage to boot.

3.) Not being first isn't always being last: This lesson belongs to Ron, who was always fighting to earn his place amongst his more accomplished brothers (and sister). Ron has never done anything first among the Weasleys, but he has stood by Harry's side, and fought alongside him, and never backed down when his friend was in real danger. Ron is a testament to the notion that you make of yourself what you can, even when you don't feel it'll be particularly special. Because it will be special to those who you are helping out.

4.) No matter how big the obstacle, you can overcome it: If you think back to all those times Harry had to look up to fight what he was fighting, you understand where this piece of advice comes from. Whether it was the incredible Basilisk, the terrifying Horntail, or Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters, Harry always managed to find a way to persevere. He never gave up, and he did not let the size or strength of his opponent matter. He always found a way to conquer them first.

5.) Words of the Wise will be with you forever: Harry has lost a lot of mentors during his adventures, but their words, actions and deeds live on. Not just because we can go back and read them over and over, but because they live on in spirit within him.

6.) It takes brains, courage, and heart to win: Nothing Harry has ever done has been without the support of people smarter, stronger and more courageous than he. He would be the first to admit that, gladly. And from the beginning, it has taken Harry's courage, along with Hermione's brains and Ron's heart, to find a way to win in the end. Though his last adventure took him further from his friends than any of his others (prior to book 7!) Harry has never been without their support and their gifts. He has learned from them as he has learned from others.

7.) Loss is a necessary evil: As we're about to find out again, and as Harry has had to suffer (and we along with him) life is not all triumph and conquering and courage. Sometimes it gives us a very real, very painful loss to deal with. Harry has suffered five that have affected him directly--his parents, Cedric, Sirius, and Dumbledore. Three of those losses he has dealt with as a young man, and he has had to learn to work through them. But he has worked through them--painfully and with anger, fear, resentment, guilt, and finally acceptance. But he has resolved them, as we all must do when they come.

8.) You find love in the most unexpected places: Whether it is in the boy who became your best friend, or the girl you never looked at as anything more until a moment ago, love will find you in the most unexpected places. Sometimes we hope for one thing, but we find another. Either way, the people you love will be with you, always.

9.) Friends are the most important treasures: Harry would never have been able to accomplish what he accomplished had he not had his friends--his best friends, and his posse of close friends--at his side. No hero works alone. Harry has never been alone for as long as he's been a hero. And when he fights that final battle, you can guarantee his friends will be at his side.

10.) Love is the greatest and most powerful magic: Dumbledore explained this to Harry in the very first book, and it has held true for all of his life. Love is the greatest magic--the one magic pure evil cannot understand or defend against. Through the love of his family, his friends, his mentors and his supporters, Harry has been able to stand against anything. It is the greatest, and oldest, magic in the world. And while we can only hope that that love will carry him through in the end, we do know that, whatever happens, love never really dies--just as our love for Harry, no matter the outcome--will never die.
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