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The World of Harry Potter
Merchandise you can buy celebrating the final book and movie

By Daniel

Ahhh! Are you too excited to wait for Deathly Hallows? Will you die if you don't get to see Order of the Phoenix soon? Well,here's a handy guide that talks about all the new Harry Potter merchandise. Hopefully this will help you through your "I...WANT...POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!" phase.

- Harry Potter Action Figures: Do you just want to stare at Ron or Hermione all day long...? *drools* Here are some things that you with that. ;]

The whole set will cost you around $60 bucks,with separate action figures at $15 a piece.

- Wand Replicas: Will you faint if you can't catch a quick glimpse at Harry Potter's wand. Well,here it is!

Each wand costs roughly $30.

Calendars: Marking down the release until Deathly Hallows? (ME TOO!). This will help ya!

This costs around $12.

Collectibles: These great replicas are magnificent to look at. There are many different kinds,such as: - LIGHTNING BOLT SCAR PENDANT: $150


- POSTERS: Here's something to keep you occupied during your wait...HARRY POTTER POSTERS! Every true fan should have one hung up somewhere in their house:

It costs around $30 for three of them.

All of these products are available on Warner Bros official shopping website:

I hope that helped keep you busy during your LONG(even though it's short) wait for Harry Potter!

Happy Shopping! =]
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