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From the Parchment of the Editors

It's FINALLY July!!!

July of 2007. It's finally here! I can hardly believe it! In 21 days from today, we will know Harry's fate. We'll know how the Harry Potter series ends. Best of all, we'll finally know if Snape's a double agent or a double-double agent! That, and Draco's fate, are two of the things that have kept me up at night ever since I put down Half-Blood Prince!

Oh, there's also the bit where I hope Harry Potter doesn't die? Yeah, that! Check out Why Harry Will Not Die (even if he does die) and our Harry Potter death theory. We're not conflicted. Really!

Don't forget that July 10th will also mean Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in movie form! This movie is supposed to be the most canon of all the films yet, so I'm sure I'm not the only one completely thrilled about that. Check out our news section for some great information about the movie and what people are doing to prepare for the film hitting theaters.

I assure you that 21 days will never ever go as slowly as they'll go starting today. But you need not worry; the TQ editors have your back! We've penned a huge issue for you to devour this month, so get to it!

See you on the other side!

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