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- Welcome to the End...
- Editor's Note by Joya

- Movie GOLD: Order of the Phoenix
- Party Time!
- Movie Magic
- Goodbye, TQ

Quibbler Specials
- The Potter Connection
- Life Without Potter (Joya Style)
- OotP Spotlight: The movie setting

- The World of Harry Potter
- July = Harry Potter Month!
- The World According to Harry

Arts & Entertainment
- Wearing the Wizarding Wear
- The Music in Harry Potter
- Cover Cause

- What's YOUR favorite HP book?
- Why Harry Will Not Die (even if he does die)
- What could the Deathly Hallows be?
- HPDH Death Theory: HARRY
- Will It End With You?
- What do you hope the last two movies will do?

Quibbler Monthly
- Quibbler Faithful
- Rita's Quick Quotes Quill
- Horoscopes
- Advice from Ron Weasley

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Quibbler Monthly

Advice from Ron Weasley
Dear Ron,
Your brothers are so hilarious! How in the world can you keep a straight face around them?

Dear WWW Fan,
Well seeing as how most of the time, their pranks are played on me, it's actually a lot easier than you would think.

Dear Ron,
My parents have to be the most embarressing parents in the world. My mum won't stop listening to her hippie music, and my dad's convinced he can fly to the moon on just his broom! I don't want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time someone's got to say something right?
Woe Is Me

Dear Woe Is Me,
I think all parents are embarressing, at least in some way. Everyone goes through it, though. I think you should just let them be, because trust me-- it could be much, much worse. You never know, what may be considered embarressing to you may be wicked awesome to someone else.

Dear Ron,
Fred and George are so amazing! Don't you feel the least bit inferior to them? Not only do they have the looks (twice over!), but the brains too! Their products are so clever-- isn't it stifling to be around such genius?
F&G Forever

Dear F&G Forever,
Er-- well.. Maybe? I mean, sometimes I ge-- Hang on, you're not asking for advice!

Dear Ron,
There's this girl--

Dear Bloke,
Whatever it is you're going to ask, you're asking the wrong guy.

Dear Ron,
Seriously-- How can you stand it? Isn't their brilliance blinding?
Givin' Hell

Dear Givin' Hell,
...FRED? GEORGE? Merlin it is you two, isn't it? GROW UP OR I'M TELLING MUM!!
Not Amused,
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