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Quibbler Monthly

Rita's Quick Quotes Quill
By Rita Skeeter July is finally here!

Get out your tissues, girls, you know what that means!

You won't get to see Tom Felton for another two years!

*lets the sobbing commence*

Actually, it could mean you don't get another Potter film for two years...

Which might not be a bad thing...

Considering the next one features "Won-Won"

But, hey, you can content yourself with this one...

It may be dark, spooky, incredibly sad and feature a pair of radish earrings...

But at least you know it's not the end.

Because that comes a week later.

Get those tissues out again...

someone's a' dying in them there Halls!

(Two people, actually).

For my part, I hope Voldemort kicks it.

He was a terrible interview.

As for the second, though...

I could never be cruel enough to hope for anyone in particular's death...

I'd just prefer whoever sells the most newspapers.

Hey, I didn't make her kill off characters!

She did that with her own quill!

Well, at least if she kills Snape or Draco people will weep for them.

(I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not).

Whoever meets their maker, one thing is for sure.

EVERYONE is excited.

And sad, too. It means the end of the book series.

Which means the end of ME!

That IS sad!

In sadder news, this will be my last 'official' column for The Quibbler...

But don't worry!

I'll be back when I feel the snark coming on...

And you know, so long as Tom Felton keeps emerging from the carp stream every two years...

They'll be plenty of that!

Thanks for sticking around for all of Rita's Quick Quotes Quills!

This is Rita signing off!!

One month left!
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