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Why Harry Will Not Die (even if he does die)
By Erika

Okay, admit it.

You're feeling the pain, like me. The fear, the anticipation, that perhaps, just perhaps, Harry might not make it. Maybe, like many of the great sagaed or epic heroes, he'll somehow be sacrificed for the greater good of both the muggle and the wizarding worlds, left to be remembered as the greatest wizard that ever lived, but unable to live.

Well, take heart. Because even if Harry does die, he will live on, in different ways.

1.) Books 1-6: Okay, so this isn't exactly that comforting, because you know what happens in book 7. But in the first six books, Harry's happy (er, most of the time) and he's alive, right?

2.) Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel Radcliffe is sort of the face of Harry, and Daniel will live on! Even when he's finished filming movie 7, even if he has to pretend to kill of Harry, Dan can be our face of Harry on earth. Okay, so he wasn't exactly Harry-like in Equus (we applaud him for that) I'm sure he'll be okay showing up every now and again in his Hogwarts robes to make us feel better...right? o_O*

3.) The films: Hey, you might not like movie 7, but you will always be able to rewind Prisoner of Azkaban and watch Harry have his King of the world moment. Or Chamber of Secrets and have his North by Northwest moment. Just don't think about where he ends up, okay?

4.) Your favorite Harry Potter doll: Harry is still alive and well while he's sitting on your bookshelf. So long as you keep him that way, you don't have to think about how he ends up.

5.) You favorite HP video game: You can relieve the adventures of Harry over and over again simply by popping in your favorite Potter video game. Um, so long as you don't let him die on your turn, because that might remind you. So...take care with that.

6.) By reading the ending of book 7--and HE LIVES: Okay, so this one isn't a surety, and you can scratch it off the end of the list if for some reason the ending goes the other way. But perhaps it'll end up being the truth, and all that false fear we had will just melt away in Harry's long and happy life as Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Hey, we can dream, right?
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