Corculum Cantionis would like to issue a thank you to all those who take the time and effort to promote our cause, as well as help with the continued development of our website.

General thanks go out to the US MDA website, whose insightful, diverse website provided a plethora of information about Muscular Dystrophy. Further thanks go to the My Hero website, and, especially, to, Mattie’s personal website (for information on Mattie, his loves, and his life).

CC would also like to thank Hyperion Books and VSP Books for publishing Mattie’s works and providing information on their content.

Finally, CC thanks the tireless
efforts from fellow supporters of our cause:

- Ms. Jeni Stepanek
- The friends and loved ones of the Stepanek family
- The Quibbler
- Honeydukes
- WizardNews
- Harry Potter International
- Fans-of-Rowling
- The Maroon Jumper
- Time Turner
- Scarred for Life
- Belt Boy
- Spellbound
- The Jack Diamond News Radio show and Website
- Ms. Fisher and the Jerry Lewis MS Forums
- Petition Online

Please forgive CC for any omissions we might have made, regarding thank yous. We are diligently searching for all those who have been kind enough to mention CC and our cause; unfortunately, we will miss a few devoted, loving hearts, on occasion. If we have omitted you or your site for any reason, please contact us, and we will be sure to give you the credit and thanks you deserve.