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July = Harry Potter Month!
Why Harry Potter is so important this month?

By Tabatha Taylor

We are all excited about July, because it's the month where we'll get to see the fifth installment of the Harry Potter films, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but more importantly, also the release of the 7th and final book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Ten years have passed. It's the most waited month of this year for the Harry Potter fandom. This is the last book, the last Harry Potter excitement, the end of our theories - the end of You-Know-Who, at last?

It's the month that we will finally know:

If Snape is really in our buddy list or not,

If Hogwarts will be back in business again,

If the Trio will be back at Hogwarts if that happens,

And if so, who'll be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor,

We'll get to see Krum again, but what will we be seeing?

If Lupin and Tonks will be having pink cubs in the near future,

If Bill and Fleur did get to make it (considering Bill's condition and we haven't heard yet his opinion about it),

If the muggle world will ever have a clue about the wizarding world,

The student in Harry's year that will eventually becomes a Hogwarts professor,

The importance of the colour of the eyes,

About Lily Evans,

If Dumbledore was right about the rest of the Horcruxes,

Will Harry find them?

Will Harry lose something, like Dumbledore almost did?

The dragons in the deluxe edition and where are they going and where are they at,

Peter's redemption and Draco's (finally) REAL detour,

If Ron and Hermione will finally going to be together,

If the Trio will be spared of the two deaths in the final book.

Trust me, I think I've somehow shortened the list. There are more questions and I've got no doubt that we will have more by the end of the book.
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